I miss your smell and wonderful taste...everything that made me fall in love with you. I miss your hands touching my hands, like when you and I used to walk together in that beautiful garden of my dreams.
I miss your lips in my lips, like every our unforgetable kisses. I miss you by my side, sleeping on my chest during those cold nights. I miss your eyes, looking into my eyes, like in every time we've made love.
Now, I'm alone missing you. I spend my days looking for you, thinking about how happy I could be if our story could take another ending, imagining how happy I could be if I had another chance to make you the happiest person in the whole world.
But that's just a dream...
And now I am still here, missing you... missing us...
*Agradeço aos amigos Gustavo (pelas revisões, pelo SOS ao telefone, e pelo incentivo), Érika e Caixeta que, de uma forma ou de outra, incentivaram essa minha ousadia de escrever em inglês.
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